AOV Smoke Ventilation Systems

Crossflow have over 30 years of experience in smoke ventilation systems and natural ventilation systems which has brought Crossflow to the forefront of smoke/heat extraction and natural ventilation systems in the Irish marketplace.

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Firefighting Smoke Shaft / Natural & Mechanical

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Stairwell Pressurisation Systems

HC TS is an operating company of HC PS and specialises in stairwell pressurisation systems. HC TS designs, sells and installs pressurisation systems for stairwells and emergency routes.

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Smoke & Fire Curtains

Crossflow is proud to be a supplier and installer of BLE Smoke & Fire Curtains.

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Car Park Heatmovers

Crossflow’s Car Park Heatmovers are a cost effective & highly efficient ventilation product for underground car parks.  We have a wide range of products that are efficient economical, and suitable for all areas that require ventilation. It also has no energy consumption allowing it to be used as a cost effective, sustainable solution for natural ventilation.

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Crossflow have an extensive range of electric actuators, controls and accessories suitable for operating and controlling all types of rooflights, windows and ventilators for either Natural comfort Ventilation or Smoke Ventilation purposes.

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Smoke Ventilation Service & Maintanence

Smoke Control ventilation systems play an important part in protecting a building, its occupants and its contents, and must operate in the event of smoke/fire detection.

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Smoke Control Association 

Crossflow are delighted and proud to be members of the Smoke Control Association for another year. Crossflow are Irelands leading specialists in the design, installation, commissioning and certification of Mechanical and Natural Smoke Ventilation Systems for Residential and Commercial Buildings including Car Park Ventilation. We are also independently audited by IFC Certification Ltd every year to insure that all our systems are designed and installed in accordance with current building regulations and are compliant with all CE and BCAR Certification.

Crossflow Airconditioning Smoke Control Association