AOV Smoke Ventilation Systems

Crossflow have over 30 years of experience in smoke ventilation systems and natural ventilation systems which has brought Crossflow to the forefront of smoke/heat extraction and natural ventilation systems in the Irish marketplace. We are proud to announce our partnership with Brakel life saving products who are leading manufactures of natural smoke and heat ventilation systems. Crossflow provides a complete service from architectural design stage to give a highly aesthetically pleasing solution to your smoke/natural ventilation requirements, through to installation and final commissioning.

Crossflow provides expertise in natural and powered smoke ventilation systems all in accordance to BS EN12101, ensuring that the highest standards in critical areas is achieved and comply with local fire regulations.

We provide both electrically and pneumatically operated louvre and flap ventilators in aluminium and polyester powder coated finishes complete with control panels and air compressors.

Smoke Ventilation


The Eura is a louvered ventilator that extracts large volumes of warm air and smoke within a short period of time. The Eura is both suitable for air feed (facade) and air extraction (facade and roof). The fail-safe Eura is available with a variety of blade types, including a translucent design. The system offers a favourable price/performance ratio.


From industrial buildings and offices to shopping centres and atria.

Download the Brakel Eura PDF


Louvered ventilator with rain-proof side blades
The Eura-R is a variation of the standard Eura and is designed to incorporate rainproof side blades. The Eura-R is therefore ideal for all-weather day-to-day ventilation. The structure has integrated rain gutters for controlled water drainage.

Like the Eura this is product can be customised with a variety of base and flange designs.


Atria, shopping centres, industrial buildings, train stations and ports.

Download the Brakel Eura R PDF

Duo Therma

Cold bridge-free, thermally insulated
Demands for sustainable products with good thermal and acoustic insulation values continue to increase. The Duo Therma responds to this need by being available in a broad selection of versions, ranging from purely functional to highly sustainable. Brakel can, for example, supply two types of acoustically insulated Duo Thermas with Rw values of 34 or 44 dB, with U values that can run up to 0.9 W/m²K. This makes the product suitable for both industrial and utility buildings such as theatres, shopping centres and office complexes.

Our new brochure provides a complete overview of possible applications, whereby butterfly icons are used to indicate the level of sustainability. A handy table sets out the most important properties of the standard versions.


Atria, shopping centres, industrial buildings and offices.

Download the Brakel Duo Therma PDF

Mono Therma

Cold bridge-free, thermally insulated

SMS Mono Therma is a thermally broken single flap ventilator which is used in smaller sized applications or if combined smoke ventilation & roof access is required. Ideally suited for buildings in respect of which stringent requirements are stipulated in respect of air sealing, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, and for buildings with a high moisture level. This product is available insulated, uninsulated and translucent lids. Complies with EN 12101-2.


Theatres, atria, shopping centres, and offices.


The Inova is a natural ventilation window that is suitable for natural, day-to-day ventilation and for fire ventilation. The Inova – with its slim profile – is an aesthetic, high-grade ventlight for facade applications. The controls for the frame have been completely embedded in the structure.


Atria, shopping centres, train stations and airports.
Download the Brakel Inova PDF


Translucent louvered ventilator

The Estra is a translucent louvered system that is applied vertically and is suitable for both day-to-day ventilation and smoke and heat extraction. The Estra is an attractive and sleek structure and really comes into its own in situations incorporating a lot of glass. The Estra has thermally insulated profile sections and is designed with both insulated glass and single glazed glass.


Atria, shopping centres, industrial buildings and offices.
Download the Brakel Estra PDF


Stylish ventlight for roof applications with concealed controls

The Luma aesthetic (fire) ventilation window is suitable for roof applications in which case both the internal and external appearance play an important role. The Luma has a small mounting height and in its closed position the controls are completely embedded in the frame. The Luma has thermally insulated profile sections.


Atria, shopping centres, train stations and airports.

Download the Brakel Luma PDF


Aesthetic (fire)ventilation window

Like the Luma, the Lumera is a high-quality architectural(fire) ventilation window. As a ventilation window with slim profiles and controls that are hidden in the frame, the Lumera actually is a combination of the Luma and the Ventria. The Lumera was especially designed for structural glass roofs with a small incline.

Download the Brakel Lumera PDF


This transparent top-hung window provides natural ventilation for both smoke and hot air. Thanks to its attractive external design the Ventria is often integrated into glazed facades and glazed roofs for air feed and air extraction. The Ventria is available in both a thermally insulated and standard insulated/uninsulated design and is suitable for all types of glass up to a thickness of 40 mm.


From industrial to decorative glazed roof constructions.