Car Park Ventilation

Together, both Crossflow and HC PS can provide a unique service in car park ventilation from architectural design stage, through to supply, installation and commissioning of the entire system. Crossflow’s engineers work closely with fire consultants, consultant engineers and mechanical/electrical contractors to provide a safe, economical and efficient car park ventilation system that meets all the necessary requirements of the local fire authority.

Crossflow/HC PS are proud to introduce the IDV Induction Fan that has been developed to bring a new and unique design to car park ventilation systems. Whilst retaining all the benefits associated with the impulse ventilation system, the new Induction System offers:

  • Opportunity of a lower car park build height.
  • Large savings in cable length and cost.
  • Less cable trays and fixing time.
  • Fewer fans thus reducing maintenance cost.
  • Reduction in the size and cost of control equipment.
  • Significant reduction in consumed power.
  • Correct determination of thrust on site via inverter control.
  • Lower profile units allowing for mounting directly above the car lanes.

Please find more details in the General HC PS Brochure PDF.

Please find more details in the CO Gas Detection Brochure PDF.

Please find more details in the CFD PDF.

CAR PARK Ventilation