Natural Cooling / Ventilation

Nowadays, airtight construction and good insulation are two key concepts that are becoming increasingly important in the construction industry, reducing unwanted energy losses as much as possible. However, this also means that the demand for heat decreases, while the need to cool a building increases. During the warmer (summer) months, the indoor  temperature can soar. Not only due to excessive direct solar gains,  but also  through internal  heat gains (lighting,  electrical and thermal equipment or simply  the presence of a large number of people in one room.) Summer  comfort is therefore increasingly being included in a building’s design requirements.

With its wide range of (controlled) wall and window grilles or continuous  louvre systems, Duco offers an excellent way of controlling the indoor climate in a natural, efficient and energy-saving way. Without artificial  interventions such  as air conditioning.   This is because by using  large  volume  flows of outside air (intensive ventilation), a building can be perfectly cooled via ventilative cooling (free cooling), provided one or two guidelines are followed:

A – Always use  ventilative cooling in combination with good exterior sun protection

B –  When designing the building,  bear in mind the presence of sufficient thermal  mass in the building  to store the outside air.

C –  Use the correct pressure difference for dimensioning


We would like to highlight  two products, which are  perfectly  usable throughout the  ventilative  cooling strategy :


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Natural Cooling / Ventilation