Firefighting Smoke Shaft


Crossflow has designed and developed a mechanical smoke shaft ventilation system specifically for firefighting stair cores to provide an equivalence or better than a natural smoke shaft ventilation system as specified in BS 9999, BS 9991, TGD-B 2006 and is compliant with recommendations and guidance provided by the Smoke Control Association (SCA) 2015.

Regulation Requirements for Heat and Smoke Control 

Technical Guidance Document B 2006 (Fire Safety): This is the primary piece of Building Regulation Legislation that describes the national guidance on fire safety in new buildings of every kind.

BS 9991: 2015 – Fire Safety in Design, Management and use of Residential Buildings and BS 9999: 2017 – Fire Safety in Design, Management and use of Building – both of these two documents give a more detailed designed requirement than TGD-B 2006. BS 9991 is relevant to residential buildings/ accommodation (excluding hotels) whilst BS 9999 relates to commercial buildings.

Smoke Control Association (SCA) – Guidance on Smoke Control to Escape Routes in Apartment Buildings (Flats & Maisonettes) – this document provides guidance on design parameters for smoke control systems in apartment buildings and recommends design calculations for CFD models/simulations.

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