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Crossflow are market leaders in the design, supply and installation of ventilation louvres in the Irish construction industry. We manufacture a wide range of ventilation louvres that provide a combination of effective weatherability and airflow that is unsurpassed in the industry.

Our Louvres are the most aerodynamically efficient louvres available on the present market that provide maximum coefficient free area. The construction of the louvre comes in five uniquely designed components, blade, mullions, clipping system, casements and fixing brackets. Once installed, the louvres are virtually maintenance free, eliminating the need for costly maintenance contracts.

Our louvres are available in various sizes from 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm blades to 140mm screening louvre. For maximum weatherability while maintaining free airflow, we suggest the High Performance CLS 50 HP louvre. This louvre allows us to achieve a nominal free area of 52%, while still maintaining a Class A rating.

Crossflow also provide an Acoustic Louvre which is manufactured to achieve noise reduction, while maintaining the requirement for natural ventilation.

All louvres are powdercoated to any RAL or BS colour and can also be anodised to BS 3987-AA25. We also provide a Decral finish effect, coated onto the aluminium producing a startlingly accurate wood or marble effect at a fraction of the real cost of these materials and still carries a 25 year guarantee.

Features and Benefits

Aesthetically – the aerodynamic shape has clean sharp modern lines that provide aesthetically pleasing continuous appearance. The Crossflow CLS-HP50 Louvre will also act as a non-vision screen to fully conceal plant and equipment.

Virtually maintenance free – the all aluminium assembly for louvre through to mullion/clip assembly and fasteners, requires minimum maintenance apart from periodic cleaning as outlined in our maintenance manuals.

Reduces energy costs – as the blade shape is aero-dynamically efficient, it has a low coefficient of discharge thus reducing air resistance through the louvre, and allowing the aperture and plant equipment to be smaller than standard louvres so saving capital outlay and running costs.

Performance – the  CLS-HP Louvre system combines aerodynamic efficiency and a high free area with very impressive weather efficiency providing both excellent ventilation and rain defence.

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